Virginia Savage, Ph.D.

Sports Psychology and Life Coach


Sports Venues

You are great because you make us believe that we are great.
High School Varsity Girls Soccer Team

Dr. Savage helped me rediscover my love for gymnastics. She taught me how to be a stronger person, both inside and outside of the gym. Years later, our conversations continue to influence me and my outlook on life.
S.F. (gymnast)

Dr. Savage gave me the right advice and motivation, along with a roadmap to achieve my goals when I was a student in high school and an aspiring soccer player. I made it to college on an athletic scholarship and I credit much of this success to Dr. Savage.
C.N. (15 year old female, soccer)

I wanted you to know that your teachings are in the works and still going strong. This is a quote from (my daughter)today… “You know why I served so well all weekend? I just told myself ‘you WILL serve this ball in… and then I just did it. All that mental training really works.’”
G.S. (14 year old female, volleyball)

My daughter had the opportunity of working with Dr. Virginia Savage on her inner game. It was a very worthwhile experience and both she and I highly recommend her.
N.M. (14 year old female, soccer)

Your sessions with our team were a huge help to us this year in keeping us focused and dealing with adversity.
Jerry McCabe, Melbourne HS boys soccer coach

My daughter now has control of a lot of things that used to frighten her. Her level of confidence and self trust is getting stronger. She has changed her entire approach to life. After her sessions with you, she has the inner tools to handle challenges so much better now and seems to be moving in a great direction of her own. Thank you so much for helping her.
L.S. (13 year old female, soccer)

We are so pleased at the progress our son has made with you in such a short period of time. He enjoys his visits with you and looks forward to next week’s appointment.
K.C. (13 year old male, soccer)

By all accounts the entire team found our time with you to be informative, fun, and most importantly immediately applicable in our various professional roles. Your workshop was a huge step forward and together we thank you for the insight and growth you have instilled in our team.Dr. Savage designed a full-year professional development program that we used as a framework for delivering our product to leaders, teachers and other professionals. Her talent for designing thematic programs and meaningful activities is impressive.  University of California Santa Cruz: College of Engineering   (2-day workshop & coaching)

Professional Development Venues

Her Ph.D. in sport psychology is just the tip of the iceberg for her exceptional understanding in the field of human performance and potential. She has been practicing and teaching the cornerstones of discipline and balance in personal, professional, and athletic venues for over 35 years. She is an undiscovered treasure of wisdom and I recommend you make haste to explore what she has to offer.
Dr. Jim Loehr, CEO Human Performance Institute

Thank you for making our teambuilding experience a great success. The feedback from all staff participants has been tremendous and we look forward to doing this again.
Rob Tench, EOO – Orchid Island Golf & Tennis Club

Dr. Savage is a confident, articulate, and knowledgeable presenter who inspires her audience to believe that all things are possible.
Participant, Vision Presentation Series, Brevard County, Florida

The way you wove our mission statement into the insights, activities, and knowledge shared during our retreat has greatly enhanced our program.
Bonadent Dental Laboratories Staff Retreat

Educational Venues

Dr. Savage’s educational background & professional expertise, her many notable life experiences, and strong facilitation skills made her well suited for working with our organization for school reform and leadership.
Angela Jolliffe, Program Director, Expeditionary Learning

Virginia is a rare individual who knows how to build relationships with youth based on trust and mutual respect. It is obvious that she truly cares about the problems of adolescents and is sensitive to their needs. She gained the respect of many individual and agencies through her work.
Skyline High School Dropout Program; Boulder County, CO

Your presentation was a wonderful “pebble” and the ripples are continuously spreading.
Participant; IRSD Symposium for Learning Disabled Classrooms

Your course has been most practical and immediately applicable, with life-changing potential.
You made everything relevant to our lives.
The tuition for this class has been some of the best money that I have ever spent – seriously.
Your class has been an incredible inspiration and I will never forget you.
Your perspective inspires me to become a better person.
I must first commend you on being the most interesting professor, and one of the most interesting people I have ever come in contact with. Your stories are completely awe inspiring. The expectations and excitement I had coming into the course were met in the first class.
University of Central Florida (UCF) undergraduate student;  Sport Psychology

I especially like the way that you are able to ask questions that guide and challenge students (and me) to dig a little deeper within themselves.
Melbourne High School Band Director: Leadership & Teambuilding Workshop