Sports Performance

Maximize Your Potential in Sports

A combination of mental and physical practice leads to performance excellence in any sport.

With training and practice, positive mental habits and skills in sports transfer easily to an enlightened and productive life. My mission is to provide that foundation for recreational and competitive athletes with any goal big or small. Take your sport to the next step by training your mind.

Components Of Mental Toughness In Sports


Ability to sustain concentration and effort.
Commitment to goals.

Strength & Flexibility

Ability to respond to challenging situations with confidence and clear thinking.
Ability to communicate clearly, assertively, and rationaly.


Ability to effectively manage a variety of life demands with confidence, motivation, and response-ability.


Ability to participate, both individually and collectively, as an effective and
dynamic team.

Reaction Time & Speed

Ability to adapt quickly to changing priorities and command extra physical
energy when it’s necessary.


Ability to practice lifestyle habits that reflect a personal commitment to maximizing
life enjoyment and performance excellence.

Benefits of Mental Training

Individuals And Teams Learn To:
  • Identify, clarify and actualize goals.
  • Establish a mental training program that reflects a specific sport.
  • Enhance and sustain performance quality.
  • Create and maintain a positive team environment.
  • Reduce injuries, dropouts, and absenteeism.
  • Establish and maintain a positive link between sport performance & lifestyle management.

Services Provided

Services are tailored to meet the needs and culture of each individual athlete or team.

Consultation & Ongoing Coaching

Weekly Direct Contact one-on-one coaching
Weekly Phone Contact coaching
Fitness & performance training programs designed for individual and/or group needs.

Specialized Clinics & Workshops

One hour to Half-day clinics.
Full day interactive training workshops.