Life Enrichment & Coaching

Create & Master Your Life Potential

Life Enrichment Coaching is a co-creative process in which clients are guided toward clarity, personal mastery, and the pursuit of happiness. Ask yourself where you want to change.

A good life coach serves as an active guide, mentor and support system for you to successfully design a clear path to pursue your dreams, change old habits, demonstrate confidence, and successfully achieve your goals. Ask yourself where you want to begin to change.

Family Relationships

Which is greater within your family and other relationships, conflict or contentment?
How can things improve?


Do you feel motivated and successful within your work? Is your work meaningful?


Are you physically challenged? Are you recovering from illness or injury?
Is there a balance in your life between body and mind, energy and clarity?


Are you struggling with academic performance? Is test anxiety a problem?
Is a higher degree what you need and are you ready?

Recreation & Sports

Are you fit enough to achieve your goals? Is health and fitness a priority?
Has motivation and commitment been an issue for you? Do you have a positive attitude?

Baby Bloomers

Do you envision retirement with a sense of opportunity or confusion?
How can you access your potential now?

Benefits of Life Coaching
When you work on maximizing your potential, consider the results.

Health & fitness are enhanced

Health care costs minimized.
Energy & vitality maximized.
Options in life increase.

Work quality and productivity is increased

Work satisfaction.
Recognition and reward.
Successful business ventures.

Home environment is positive & peaceful

Relationships with significant others are deepened and enriched.
Values clarified and shared.
Changing the world starts at home.

Sport & recreational goals achieved

(see Sports Performance link)

Services Provided

Consultation & Ongoing Coaching

Weekly Direct Contact one-on-one coaching
Weekly Phone Contact coaching
Fitness & performance training programs designed for individual and/or group needs.

Specialized Clinics & Workshops for Groups

One hour clinic.
Two hour-half day clinic.
Full day workshops

Motivational & Keynote Presentations

Designed to reflect the mission and purpose of your organization or group.

Specialized Retreats

National and International customized retreats for groups,
offering a blend of adventure, coaching, and body relaxation treatments.