Dr. Savage Bio

Sports Psychologist and Life Coach Dr. Virginia Savage

Dr. Virginia Savage holds a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology, complimented by 30 years of professional and personal athletic accomplishments. Learning from experience is a hallmark of her character with a wealth of stories as evidence of overcoming adversity, achieving goals, and living an adventurous life. This is the focus of her work with others, to maximize human potential, not as a measure of success but as reflection of personal courage and determination.

Dr. Savage has coached all levels of sport performance in soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, competitive cycling, ski racing, golf, tennis, rock climbing, running and triathlon. She is a professional development consultant and trainer for small businesses, a leader in experiential education, and an individual life/performance coach.  Her clinics, workshops, and exotic retreats are designed to fit themes that reflect each group and in ways that participants are propelled into higher levels of understanding and commitment.

Dr. Savage has lived a personally adventurous life, leading wilderness courses for Colorado Outward Bound, rock climbing for 27 years, bicycling solo from Nova Scotia to Florida (2700 miles), and most recently spending five months surfing and writing a book in Costa Rica.  Her balance of professional expertise and personal experience makes learning fun for clients, participants, and audiences in her inspirational speaking opportunities.